Talltimber 3.5 software

Talltimber 3.5 software

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TallTimber© is a software tool for foresters, wildlife habitat specialists, and land managers that has been used on millions of acres of forest land from Maine to California. With its intuitive interface, you can rapidly process prism, fixed-radius and 100%-tally timber inventories as well as manage FVS (Forest Vegetation Simulator) growth modeling, providing quick to use reports and tables of timber inventory and forest change. Demo versions are available above. Timberpad© Pro data collection software is also available from the main menu and further below.

TallTimber comes in 32 and 64-bit versions. Use the version that matches your MS Office installation.

Need help installing the demo version? Go to our YouTube channel for video support on installing TallTimber Demo.

Timberpad Pro, the data collection side of TallTimber is also available in free demo versions for your phone or tablet, as well as an academic option, Timberpad Student. Download the Demo below for iOS and Android devices!

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