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Timberpad Pro: Now for iPad & iPhone, too!

■  Download Timberpad Demo for iPad & iPhone (free)

■  Download Timberpad Demo for Android (free)

Timberpad 2.0, available in Pro and Demo versions, is timber cruise software for foresters and landowners. We’ve used it in data collection efforts from small woodlots in northern New England to TIMO, Government and Industrial-sized timber cruises in Appalachia, New York and Maine.

Available for Apple, Android and vintage Windows Mobile devices, Timberpad works as a general data collector and front-end to the TallTimber 3.0 inventory processor. Collect your data on Timberpad and process it into stunning reports with TallTimber. Check out the videos, or download the manual and a Demo version (above).

Watch the Timberpad 2.0 iOS Overview Video to Learn More!

■ Cross platform! Runs great on either Android devices or Apple’s iOS tablets and phones

■ Simple, easy to use layout. Your choice of manual or auto-plot numbering

■ Collect data in Multi-product, Saw/Pulp height, or merely tree-grade modes

■ Finger scroll through ALL your tree records with instant jumping to individual plots and trees

■ Export and email your data quickly to the cloud or the office, or use more conventional data storage

■ Team leaders can email (export) and share product specs with the group (to import)

■ Check your progress as you cruise, note invasives with checkbox and comments

■ Can be installed via email exchange, or just ship it to us and we will install it on your device for you!