Forest Products & Carbon Stocks Reporting = Deeper Insight!   

Consider how these features can deliver value for you:

■   With TallTimber 4.0 Carbon, calculate stand and property level forest carbon based on your cruise data and compare your property to recognized Common Practice levels for your Supersection and Assessment Areas. How does it stack up? Is your property a candidate for a carbon project?

■   TallTimber licenses are not tied to an individual computer or device, limiting your mobility or putting your software investment in question in a computer crash. Instances of TallTimber can move with the dongle hardware.

■  Processes data from variable-radius (prism points), fixed-radius, 100% tally cruises.

■   Easy input forms make your inventory reports personalized and professional on the fly, with a cover page showing your business logo, an image of your client’s forest, and flexible forest product names you can reset to your own markets.

Small Diameter Softwood: Timberpad and TallTimber allow different merchantability standards whether you are inventorying small diameter spruce-fir or large diameter Appalachian hardwoods.

Include Growth & Mortality Estimates with Your Inventory Reports: TallTimber2FVS process allows reporting FVS estimates of forest growth and mortality for your stand, compartment or forest property. Include this information for your landowner client to widen and improve discussions of timber management, and the cut now or cut later discussion.

Pro Style Pie Charts, Bar Charts, and Reports Easily Built: TallTimber has charts, graphs, and reports ready to go and waiting for your forest inventory data. What's more, it allows foresters, managers, and land owners to export tables of processed information to Excel and other tools for independent analysis. TallTimber allows you to directly print PDF's and other formats as are installed on your system.

Cut-to-Length System in Small Diameter Softwood: May require testing different top DIB calls, such as 3" vs. 4" top when dealing with juvenile spruce stands in the northern New England.

Sugaring Operation: How does loss of grade in the first section of a sugar maple tree impact profitability in the long run? Does it matter? Test TallTimber's estimates of timber volumes with your values under different butt section assumptions by changing the first section in your Timberpad multiproduct data.

Cross platform data collection: Collect cruise data on iPads & iPhones or Android devices like Samsung Galaxy Tablets or BLU ruggedized phones. Go retro and collect your timber cruise data on paper and enter it into an Excel spreadsheet for TallTimber processing.

Tree Duplicator Function: Use Timberpad Pro's Tree Duplicator function in iPad or Android devices to eliminate entering species codes when successive tree tally have the same species or grade.

Timberpad Pro & Timber Marking: Tally trees as (C)ut or (L)eave, and produce reports estimating stocking and volumes to be harvested and those of residual trees.

Used for Years in Maine, Michigan, New York, Tennessee and Other Large Ownership Areas: TallTimber & Timberpad Pro has been used on million-acre forests and small woodlots, try it out today!

■   Seamlessly compiles sub-reports into a well paginated, master report in the order YOU choose. Your preferences are stored and become the default for your next project.

■ Forest Service’s FVS growth model now within reach of busy field foresters. Considering CARBON, CLIMATE, or just want a science-based estimate of the next 20 years of a stand? The TallTimber-2-FVS module brings growth modeling closer and faster for small shops. Impress your client by including a simple growth report at the end of their static inventory. Leverage your expert field knowledge with forward looking advice .

■   Handles both multi-product and height based product inputs, as well as comma-delimited and spreadsheet input data.

■   Includes both saw height and saw length, as well as 7 product x DBH outputs for discriminating investment analysts. Accommodates marked timber reporting among its 74 standard reports. Grid data buttons quickly produce tables for your further analysis and charting.